About Me

Ever since I can remember I have been a fan of colourless images, drawings and paintings, they have always had a place in my heart. I find dark/black and white art very mysterious and captivating, it is dull to the eyes of some people but for myself and many overs really sparks the mind into creating its own views of how colour would look with it. This is why most of my work is generally black and white and plays with aspects of low key lighting. I have in the past experimented with coloured paintings, drawings and photos however I feel more in my element when colour is non-existent like in my more recent work.


‘Gone but Not Forgotten’ is a project I am currently working on and is a view of ruined and abandoned buildings around the welsh countryside. I have started looking at old buildings because they have always been a fascination of mine because of the history they hold and the mystery behind what it was for or why it has been left. However, I have never known how to capture them until learning new skills through university. The work is a combination of darkroom photography and lithography which have been collaged together to make a single image. Collage has started to become a more re-accruing method in my pieces and as that has moved forward it has got me looking back at textures again like in my previous A-level work. During my A-level studies I was always looking at new and different materials that I could draw or paint with in order to try and expand the textures of the work and collage images together.


Until studying at university I used to mainly work in biro, chalk and ink on the most unusual and different materials, like fabric, cardboard and even plasterboard. University has really enabled me to practice and perfect skills such as darkroom photography and printmaking which has helped me reflect on the history of my art and made me start to work in these new styles while bringing in elements of my older techniques. I hope to continue with what I am doing at the moment and expand on the ideas that have started to progress through my time at university.


  • 2016-Present, Aberystwyth University: BA Fine Art2013-

  • 2015-2016, Stratford-Upon-Avon - College: BTEC Level 3 Art & Design

  • 2013-2015, Bishop Challoner Catholic College - Sixth Form: A-Level Fine

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