• Benjamin Johnson

Updated: May 21, 2019

Having previously experimented with stone lithography, i decided a great starting point would be to continue this process using my primary source imagery. this outcome was incredibly successful yet time consuming as i had to be in the studio space to complete the work at any given time. As you can see within the image below, using a range of tonal crayons and lithography pencils has allowed me to capture hidden details within the subject that can't nessasarily be seen within the original photograph image. The subject matter is a close up view of a window within the School Of Art building and what interested me most about this composition was not only its angle and frame but its successful display of light and dark contrasts.

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  • Benjamin Johnson

Progressing into semester 2, I developed my ideas through a series of experimental stages. I have started with going out and taking more pictures of buildings but moving away from the abandoned side and more towards the architectural detailing instead. I developed this way of working through the use of advanced lithography techniques which I have learnt and mastered over the past few months.

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  • Benjamin Johnson

So my last 2 weeks of this Semester have been about my third stone. I have done something a little different this time as I used photo transfer onto the stone for a part of the image. It didn't quite go to plan on sections of the image but the parts that did work looked good and I really enjoyed trying something new. For the parts that didn't really come through that clear I just added shading and tone to so that it brought the image to life. The rest of this piece I drew on and I still kept a detailed part of the image like the other two I have done. I think these pieces have come out well and I am hoping to continue with this in my second semester along with trying the collage on the paper and the photo transfers as I think they have worked well. This image is again apart of the abandoned building and feel works well with the rough, sketchy technique I have been drawing with.

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