• Benjamin Johnson

Over Two Days

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

This semester I am studying Printmaking and Photography with an idea of combining the two together making final prints that have aspects of both of them in a collage. Yesterday I completed my stone for Lithography and made some prints. The prints I have made are in circles and the idea is that what I have printed should fit perfectly within the circle I have cut out of my photographs (as seen in the image provided). The theme I will be looking at is Abandoned Buildings in Wales which is a passion of mine, I really like going to new places that have been left for years so that I can explore what has been left behind and find interesting things about the people that used to live/work there. Today I went back to an old mill in Tal-y-Bont and got some good pictures hopefully, which I will be developing tomorrow, so keep an eye out for my images to be uploaded in the next couple of days.

I have also been working on Architectural Detail with woodcut keeping with the circle theme however they will work as separate pieces for my portfolio and I will be using my own photographs which will also go in as separate pieces.

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