• Benjamin Johnson

Semester 1 of 3rd Year

So my last 2 weeks of this Semester have been about my third stone. I have done something a little different this time as I used photo transfer onto the stone for a part of the image. It didn't quite go to plan on sections of the image but the parts that did work looked good and I really enjoyed trying something new. For the parts that didn't really come through that clear I just added shading and tone to so that it brought the image to life. The rest of this piece I drew on and I still kept a detailed part of the image like the other two I have done. I think these pieces have come out well and I am hoping to continue with this in my second semester along with trying the collage on the paper and the photo transfers as I think they have worked well. This image is again apart of the abandoned building and feel works well with the rough, sketchy technique I have been drawing with.

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